Friends, family, and assorted tidbits

A rarity -- the whole Guidi clan in one room!
Christmas 2002 ... Left-right, back row: Chris, Janet, Sharon, Gina, Milla. Left-right, bottom row: Mark, Anthony, Stephanie, Corinne, Todd.

Our trip to see our friends the Nolans in Seattle.

Falling off the Space Needle!
Well okay, not really.

Mark goofing at the aviation museum with the kids, Alex and Connor.

The underground city was kinda cool.

Mark and I in a musical one summer ...

Same musical, different characters!

Mark's brother, Todd, with his new wife Corrinne, and her children Josh and Jocelyn.

Todd and his mom

Wedding day giggles

Steph's homemade Halloween costume,
Sailor Moon

My super-senses detect danger!

Christmas 2001 -- we boarded a motorized cable car with about a dozen folks and spent 3 hours touring the streets of San Francisco singing Christmas Carols ...

California Christmas decorations can get a little extreme.

Ok, ok, I'm not TOTALLY
jaded about Xmas.

My sister Christine, me, and my niece
Emilie; from October 2001.

Stephanie with her niece Emilie and nephew Justin,
under the fabulous fall foliage!

Steph and her brothers (clockwise from top:
Joe, Dan, Steph, and Matt).

My friends Sean & April.

Best part of weddings: dancing at the reception!

Mark with his grandfather, Gino
(aka Papu for you Italian types!).

Mark's scuba group entering the water for their final certification dive in Monterey.

My brother Matt as Irvine from the Final Fantasy series.



Mark's cat Yolo, in his favorite sleeping spot.

My cat Tasha ... after 13 years of wonderful companionship, he died of cancer just before Thanksgiving, 2002.

This is some of the stuff Mark was fixing when he worked for United. 
And I still have to program the VCR.

Mark and Gerard: formerly coworkers, always friends.