Syracuse, New York

Ever since United Airlines laid Mark and a gazillion other people off after 9/11, we had been getting by in San Francisco with Stephanie
working at Carla Befera & Company and Mark fixing heavy construction equipment.  After a Workers' Comp injury that made Mark's
newest job impossible, we heard about an opening for an aircraft mechanic with TransMeridian, in their new Syracuse, New York station. 
We took the chance and moved in September, 2003.

As of March, 2004, it's so far so good ... although Stephanie is having more trouble finding a job than we anticipated.  Hopefully not much longer! 
In the meantime, there have been a lot of good things coming, and the really low cost of living in the area has had some nice side benefits.

Ah yes ... the white stuff.

This is our apartment complex.

TMA Christmas party 2003

Steph's "consolation" coat!

and a long-overdue new look.

Did I mention Mark works the midnight shift,
outdoors at the airport?