Waikiki, island of Oahu, September 2001

In early September Mark took me on a "birthday" trip to Waikiki, Hawaii. Very touristy, but that was ok ... gorgeous beaches, some great food, and my first ever scuba dive! We went with Reef Trekkers, who we highly recommend (Dave is especially good with beginners and fraidy-cats). If you go, don't miss Lewers Street Fish Company ... yum!

Mark and me at the Army museum, basically across the street from our hotel. Due to some funky hours, we ended up having only 10 minutes to check out the inside, but it was extremely cool.
Steph the Scuba Diver!!
Me and Mark, about 40 feet underwater. You can't really tell but I'm doing a "hang loose" thing with my right hand.

Mark's wreck dive, over 100 feet down ...
Cool fish.
Diver Mike catches a puffer fish.
Diver Dave catches an octopus (or it catches him ...). Dave was my instructor for my first two dives, he is AWESOME. Totally takes care of you.
I love this photo!
On the beach with Diamondhead in the background.
Bye bye, Hawaii! *sniff*